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I'm Paras; paa-ruhs

a generalist frontend web developer – with an eye for design – interested in all things web, and passionate about Webflow.

Besides web, I often think about human life and behaviors,
and love watching Pokemon VGC tournaments.

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Webflow Lead Dev @ IGNITE

On a daily basis, at Ignite, I handle all things Webflow - primary involving building websites for mid-large sized companies in various industries.

On the side, I work on freelance Webflow dev projects, with creative freelance and agency partners.

My specialty lies at the intersection of frontend code, design, and business - imagining and breaking down design concepts into code form, evaluating feasibility and trade-offs, and making decisions accordingly.

I have a strong preference for consistent structured and detailed work. Although a means to an end, but it's still an art - websites that are technically sound, resilient, performant, low-friction, and overall pleasant to look at on the technical side.

MY Webflow Build Work

I've worked on Webflow projects for several large and enterprise companies. Want to see them? Send me an email

Here are some others:


Dev time: Few months
Type - Student Coaching website
Beyond Basics - API drafting, geolocation
detection and API-driven dynamic content, custom
pricing flow, site-wide frontend reactivity system

Juhi Khatri's Portfolio

Dev time: 2 days
Type - Creative designer portfolio
Beyond Basics - CSS Animations


Dev time: 2 weeks
w/ freelancer
Type - Studio Website
Beyond Basics - custom Video playing
Frameworks - FS Client-First, Attributes

Bares Taekwondo Fitness

Dev time: 3 days
Frameworks - FS Client-First
Beyond Basics - Interactions

Praise From my Project collaborations

James Clements
Design Engineer @ Old Friends

“Paras is a talented developer with a broad understanding of building for the web. I’ve worked with him on multiple high-profile Webflow projects and he’s been an invaluable asset each time.

He cares about building things the right way and does so quickly without sacrificing quality. Not only does he execute on all the fine details of designs, he often finds ways to improve the build process along the way. I’m excited to continue collaborating with him.”

“Paras went above and beyond to ensure that the designs were not only delivered on time but were of top notch quality. I was especially impressed by the care he put into thinking about the usability of the web app. He made lots of helpful suggestions to improve the product, and implemented them very efficiently.

He was super easy to work with, friendly, and highly communicative throughout the entire project.”

Nicholas Van Beylen
Web Designer & Webflow Dev @ Maneuver

“It's rare to come across a professional who embodies a blend of exemplary technical skill and unmatched responsiveness like Paras. As a fellow Webflow developer, I've had my fair share of hurdles, and that's where Paras often stepped in with his profound understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Every question I launched his way was met with an immediate, precise response, a testament to his commitment to not just solving problems but also educate me on the best practices.

His portfolio is a mere glimpse into the breadth and depth of his expertise. I am not just satisfied but also inspired by the professionalism Paras brought to the table. For anyone seeking a master in web development who is as personable as he is proficient, Paras is the professional to trust.”


WordPress > Web-Apps > Webflow

Since 2020, I build on Webflow. Before that, since my high-school days, I've been hopping from one field (on the web) to another, having experienced different things from blogging to SEO, digital marketing, web software development, and business strategy.

The initial days - CUstom development and WordPress

Keen about web and programming, in the initial days (2016), when I used to blog on Google's Blogger platform, I <span>started by tinkering around its HTML templates</span>. Moved to WordPress, I started doing the same there too. <span>Dived deeper into HTML, CSS and JavaScript</span>.

Micro-SaaS & Pixify

Alongside, I <span>developed a few mini-web-apps;</span> some downloaders, calculators, and internal tools for my blogs (like one automatic image generator plugin).

The notable one was a keyword research tool called Toolfeast, a SaaS built on top of WordPress, with over 6k registered users. Also created a reddit-automation micro-SaaS tool. In between, <span>developed a couple of custom SPAs</span> (Single Page Apps; JavaScript-based) for clients too.

In 2017, I faced a problem with filtering and developed a WordPress plugin for it. After a year, created a WordPress theme as well, and merged both of them under Pixify. Developed another plugin in the end of 2019.

Webflow in the meanwhile

I've had quite an on-and-off relationship with Webflow. Have been following it since 2017, but only got serious about it since the last 1.5 years. In that time before, I'd get into the interface and play around at times, check out some blogs and videos about it, but that was about it.

It had always interested me as a very unique and flexible tool, but I have had been prioritizing all these other side projects and Pixify until 2020.

2015 – Blogger & HTML Templates; WordPress

Started my digital journey with blogging. Got interested in design and started tinkering around the HTML templates. Dived deeper into HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

2016 – Web Apps & SaaS; Intro to Webflow

Developed a few mini-web-apps – downloaders, calculators, and internal tools for my blogs (like one automatic image generator plugin). The notable one was a keyword research tool called Toolfeast, a SaaS built on top of WordPress, with over 6k registered users. All designed and developed solo.

Meanwhile, got to know about Webflow and started tinkering around.

2017-2020 – SaaS, WordPress plugins, no-code tools

I faced a problem with filtering and developed a WordPress plugin for it. Created another plugin for Elementor page builder to expand its capabilities with tools for designers (some inspired by Webflow).

Alongside, created a reddit-automation SaaS. In between, developed a couple of custom SPAs (Single Page Apps; JavaScript-based) for clients too.

And in the meanwhile, also got familiar with a bunch of no-code tools like Zapier, Integromat, Notion, Airtable, etc.

2020-Present – Full-time Webflow

Worked with different freelancers and agencies working on projects for all company sizes - from family owned businesses to startups, and enterprise organizations.

Over time, Webflow is what I've become pretty passionate about, as a platform for building on the web with speed and delight. Just the right amount of abstraction from code, and a lot of fun too!

Desired Future

Continuing to create impact on the web; through Webflow and low-code

The current work on Webflow projects makes me content, and I want to make a larger impact; build quality websites reaching more people.

Webflow is where a lot of my interests intersect – problem-solving, frontend development, design, and the web. So, this is the direction I want to continue walking towards in the foreseeable future.


Webflow, no-code tools, and the Web

Over the years, I've worked with a lot of tools and web technologies to aid in my different projects. Some relevant ones:

Familiar with Webflow pretty much inside-out
Well-versed with Figma and modern web design aesthetics
Deep understanding of web's fundamentals, layout systems, internal functioning, CSS Gotchas, best practices, and have a problem-solving mindset
Familiarity and experience with many no-code/low-code tools, including Zapier, Make (Integromat), Airtable, Notion, etc.
Working knowledge of JavaScript & TypeScript, GSAP animations, AlpineJS, various JS libraries, REST APIs, and programming fundamentals
Basic to intermediate familiarity and understanding of backend systems and servers.

Working Together

Culture & Ownership

I'm interested and passionate about web, human experience, and ethical businesses. Since starting on the web in 2014, I have seen different trends come and go in the domain of web design and development.

I prefer grounding myself to fundamentals, rooting in first-principles thinking...

...and don't care about buzzwords or extrapolating anything.

Being sincere and transparent, taking ownership of my work, and having freedom to pitch in ideas/suggestions matters a lot.


These last 10 years on the web has helped me gain a sense of a higher level overview of what goes into building a web presence, and solving problems of different scale.

With the want to deliver humane and realistic, grounded experiences to people, it helps me bring perspective and end-work that is rooted in providing value - to both my clients and the end users.

If we work together, I can bring that for your company and clients.